Saturday, May 18, 2013

Four months and growing!

I've decided to stop apologizing for slacking on the blogging, because I've come to realize that is how pretty much all of my posts would begin. ::: teehee :::

So, remember that time when our little girl turned 4 months old and started acting like a real human? ;) Haha. It's crazy. She's laughing now...and I'm not talking about just a little giggle. I'm talking about belly laughing! SO CUTE. She has also found her toes, and has her feet up in the air at all times, which is super adorable.

Here are her 3 and 4 month pictures...

People tell you all the time, "don't blink, time goes by so fast!" but you don't really understand it until you see if for yourself. Last week, Addie had this new thing where she would stick out her tongue and smile at us, and she would copy us when we would do it. That was just last week, and she's not doing that anymore! This week, she found her toes! It's all happening so fast.

Ian left to go out of town yesterday for the weekend, so I decided to stay with my parents to see how Addie would do overnight, somewhere other than in her own crib at home. She's a very good sleeper at night, usually sleeping from 8-7...but the last few weeks she has woke up for a feeding mid-night. Last night, at my parent's house, she slept from 7:30-6:30! Better than she's been sleeping at home! I was shocked at how well she did. Maybe I should stay at my parent's more often! ;)

On another note, our best friends moved away...which makes us very sad. I am very grateful for technology though, because I can't imagine not being able to send funny video messages or Skype with them often. We miss them so much! 

Kate took some AMAZING pictures of our sweet family right before moving.

Love you friend!

Here are a few more of some of my favorite recent pictures of our sweet girl to brighten your day. :)

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