Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Got a Big Girl Job!

Yep. That's right! I got a big girl job! I am now working full time as a veterinary assistant, and so far, I love it! I've only been there 1 1/2 days, and this is what I've done so far:

Cleaned kennels
Walked/washed several dogs
Held 2 day old puppies as their tails were cut off (so sad!)
Assisted vet w/ a spay surgery on a cat (almost passed out)
Gave vaccinations to dogs
And more!

I know right?! It's really a cool job though! *You probably want to know more details about the almost passing out thing I will explain. I was helping doc do a spay surgery on a cat, and had just finished helping (I was just standing there at this point), and all of the sudden, I can't see straight, I can't hear hardly anything, and I had to leave the room before I fell on the ground. LOL! What's weird is...I wasn't nautious, the surgery didn't bother me, and I have NEVER been lightheaded or passed out in MY LIFE! It just hit me! Weird huh?'s an ongoing joke now in the office. (refer to Bine's comment on this post)*

*Added after original posting. :)

What's awesome is, I get to wear scrubs every day which is basically like wearing pajamas to work...and what's even better, is that the girls that I work with are amazing! They are super nice and made me feel welcome and extremely comfortable on my first day. I don't know if any of them will ever read this, but thank you Bine, Amanda, and Krista! Bunches! Oh and of course Doc. :)

I am extremely blessed to have a job, and I am super excited about the upcoming events in mine and Ian's life together! We are getting ready to build a house (which hasn't really hit me yet), and I am ready to start decorating! Right now, our bedroom doesn't really have a color theme (well maybe a little brown and green) so I want to change it up a little bit when we move. I am obsessed with the robin's egg blue color, and chocolate here are some inspiration pictures for our master bedroom:

The walls here might be a little too turquoise...but you get the picture. :)

This one's a little better. I want to paint the back wall the robin's egg color.

Not quite sure about the bathroom yet...but I absolutely love the color!

Perfection. :)

Love it!

Now I'm off to go get some more scrubs! :)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just not the Same?

Have you ever randomly remembered something you used to have or do as a kid and thought, "I forgot all about that! I need to get/do that again?" I think at some point, we all have. I remember going to the Girl's Club in Phenix City as a kid and always getting cinnamon Mentos because I LOVED them...and I haven't had them in YEARS because I thought they stopped making them. The only ones I would see in stores were the mixed fruit (which are okay) or the mint (yuck). It made me SO sad.

But...GUESS WHAT?!?!
Ian and I went to Winn Dixie tonight to get some sherbet (we are on a sherbet kick), and guess what was in the checkout line?! Yes!

I cannot express in words how happy my heart was. (IS!)
I only got three rolls (and ate one on the way home), but I plan to go back and get more...lots more! Gosh...I just love em'!

On the other hand...

Not too long ago, I had this same feeling about something that I used to have in middle school that I absolutely loved at the time, and the outcome wasn't as pleasant as I would've thought. Does anyone remember these???
Well, in middle school, all my girlfriends and I had these lip balms because they LITERALLY tasted like candy! I can remember guys stealing them out of our purses to eat them. them. That's how good they tasted!

So I decided a few months back to go get some, because like I said, I had completely forgotten about them! So I went to Target, which is where I used to get them from, and then to Walgreens, CVS, etc, and I found...NOTHING. I was so sad that I couldn't find them anywhere until I looked online and found some on! So I know you can guess what I did then...yep! Ordered them.

I couldn't wait for them to get here. So I waited and waited, and FINALLY, they arrived! I couldn't wait to try them out so of course the first thing I did was open each one and taste them.

Not what I expected. AT ALL!

I was so disappointed! I remembered them tasting so much better than that. I mean, they taste good...but not like I remembered. They are probably all OLD on Amazon because they are discontinued and so they have been around for years! Duhhhhh Jenna. I would have rather remembered them how they used to taste in middle school! Haha! Okay I know I'm a nerd...and you probably could care less about any of this...but I just had to blog it!

So tell me, have you had any experiences like this? Wanted to re-live a moment you had when you were younger and just wasn't the same? Give me some feedback! :)


Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Always, I Sometimes, I Never...

Hey everyone! Laura @ "The Madness of Mundanity" is doing a giveaway with the help of That Kate...and I thought I would participate! The GIVEAWAY is as follows:

A Lomolito 'disposable' camera (it can actually be used again) in blue for the awesome, cross processed effect,
 A box of Lomo fotoclips so you can make a funky photowall,
An AWESOME Polaroid Brooch from That Kate's Etsy shop,
And a bag of Haribo sweeties!

Did you see the CAMERA part? Y'all know I love photography...and I have actually been wanting a toy camera for some time now! Gosh I would love to win!

So...what I have to do is post my ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, and NEVER!

I extremely indecisive! Most of the time, someone has to make my decisions for me...because I JUST CAN'T DECIDE! But I am also extremely POSITIVE in everything that I do in life. I believe in always being optimistic and smiling! Your smile might be the only joy someone sees in a day!
I a neat freak, and I sometimes couldn't care less! I will do laundry, and dump them on my bedroom floor, and they will lay there until I wear all of them and have to wash clothes again. :)
I NEVER...cook. My poor husband has to eat Ramen noodles, cereal, and tuna fish on a daily basis. Okay I might be exaggerating just a little bit, but for the most part, I seriously don't cook. If we do cook, it is mainly my husband grilling some chicken or something. Sad...I know.


Justine's Giveaway! new blog friend Justine is doing a giveaway! Head on over to her blog to see the different ways to enter, and DO IT! Click the screenshot below to be directed to Justine's giveaway post!


Was this even a good idea?

2 nights ago, Ian and I decided to try the whole "put a bell on the door handle & teach your dog to ring it when she has to go potty" thing. We tried this when she was really young...and it didn't work, so we thought why not try one more time?
Would you believe that she got it? As in, she rang the bell the very next day.
I couldn't believe it.

Anyway, now I am starting to wonder if it was a good idea. "Why???" you say? Because she rings it ALL THE TIME now. And by all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME, over and over and over again...until I want to scream!

(yes, I spell terd with an "e")

And yes, that's the face she gives me when I hear her ring the bell and go over to see her.

What's bad is that she will ring it, and I feel like I have to take her out because that's how she will learn, but then I take her out and what does she do? NOTHING. Then she comes inside and expects to get a TREAT.

Wait. That's IT! That's what she's doing! She rings the bell, because she knows that when she goes potty, she gets a treat. Hmm...gosh what am I gonna do? 

Ignore her when she hits the bell?
Take her outside EVERY time she hits the bell?


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brand NEW Clutches on the "Felt Sew Lovely" Blog!

Head on over to "Felt Sew Lovely" to see the brand new clutches for sale! They are precious! :)


Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Smitten :)

:::music begins:::
"Don't You Wish Yo Husband Was Sweet Like Mine? Don't You?"

I know I know...You are probably thinking, "seriously Jenna?" but I just HAD to! Yes, I posted a picture of the card Ian gave me for Valentine's Day today. Why? Because it's probably THE sweetest thing I think I've ever read in my entire life.

Now before you read it, let me preface a few things. Ian has always called me his "sunshine." Always. It's the sweetest thing ever. He sometimes even sings "You are my only sunshine..." to me, just because. :)

You may have to click the picture to make it big enough to actually read.



Oh how I love him! :)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

New hair clips!

Hey y'all! Head on over to my "Felt Sew Lovely" blog and check out the two new hair clips I made! Let me know what you think!


Friday, February 12, 2010


I will have you all know that I am pretty dang excited that it snowed today. I LOVE snow.

I built a snowman, well, a snowlady (heehee) for the first time ever (I think).
(pictures below)

Ian and I sledded down my parents' front yard, and I wore some pretty silly snow clothes (Ian & I raided my parents' skiing clothes).
(pictures also below)

That all said, we had a BLAST!

Oh and did I mention that Lilly LOVES the snow? She was running around, or I should probably say hopping around eating the snow and everything. So funny. Here are a few pictures from the day:

Lilly's so white it's hard to see her good! She LOVED the snow.

My little booger...heehee. Yep, we call her Booger. :)

 Look at that face. :)

Sweet girl.

She loved eating the snow.

Our family. :)

Okay now here's the fun stuff...haha.

My parents have been skiing quite a lot so they have a ton of ski clothes. Ian and I decided to dig through it all and find the tackiest outfit for snow playing. This was the result:
(that's Ian by the way)

Yeah, it was tight...but hey, he was warm right?
Here's a picture of the two of us:

Oh YEAH. Gotta love the hats!

So THEN, we decided to build a snowman snowlady. I really don't think I've ever built one in my life, and if I have I don't remember. At least I know it didn't look like this:

 Yeah, I know what you're thinking.

And for those of you who haven't caught on, here's the side view. ;)

So as you can see, we had an absolute BLAST.
I hope it's not a whole year before we see snow again, but I wouldn't be surprised.

OH! I almost forgot! Here's a video of Ian & I Sledding. :)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hubby Likes to Take Pictures Too!

Today, I asked Ian if he would take a few pictures of me,'s a few of them! Of course I had to put my editing-spin on them. ;)

If you want to see the rest of the pictures! Here's the link!

Pictures of Me

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