Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Little Things We Do GIVEAWAY!

Lauren over at The Little Things We Do, is doing an awesome giveaway, where you can win these! How cute are they?

These would be so cute in our new kitchen when we build! Head on over to enter!


Mommy Pads & More Giveaway

Head on over HERE to enter in an awesome giveaway! You can either win one of these:

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am SO ready to start building!

Last weekend, my in-laws came to town and we took them to see the lot that we will be building on very soon! It's so weird to see the lot, just a field of green, and picture our house on it. They are supposed to start building on or before April 15th...which is coming up very soon!

So here is us standing on, and in front of our lot:

My dad knows a lady that has the same exact house/floor plan as the one we will be building. So...we went to her house today to look! Here is the outside of her house (exactly what our's will look like, except for color):
When you walk in, you will be standing in the living room, and you will see the breakfast area/kitchen. I love this floor plan because it's so open!
I love the kitchen because it's huge! So much counter and cabinet space...

 I would post pictures of the whole house, but I really don't want to show the inside of this lady's house to the whole world so I won't do that haha. I can't wait to put our spin on everything!


Monday, March 22, 2010

Flirty Aprons Giveaway!

Etsy It Up is doing an adorable flirty aprons giveaway! I can't get over how cute they are! Maybe if I had one of these aprons I would actually get in the kitchen and COOK! Haha. What's awesome about this giveaway...is that if you win, you get to pick the apron you want! Head on over to enter! :)

Oh, and by the way, this apron is my favorite! Oh how I hope I finally win a giveaway! Wish me luck!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

House Decorating Updates!

So after much stress and thought...we have finally decided on a bedspread set for our master bedroom! Sooooo....here it is!

How cute is that??? We are going to paint the walls the burnt orange color...and do the master bathroom in turquoise and orange somehow. (we haven't gotten that far yet...haha)
I found this picture (I posted it previously in another post also) and absolutely love the orange and turquoise together so this is somewhat my inspiration picture for the master bathroom...except the turquoise isn't that dark obviously, if you look at the bedspread above.

Now, for the guest bedroom...we are thinking about using this bedspread set:
We will probably paint the walls the green color if we use this one.

As for the other bedroom, which will be an office...I have absolutely no idea what we are going to do in there yet. Probably some kind of music theme for Ian.

And as for the living room...I am still looking at fabrics for pillows and curtains, but I am 99.9% sure these are the pillows I am going to get or make, and I am going to get the fabric to make curtains out of too! :)
And I am also going to find some solid turquoise fabric to make a couple pillows from too.

So that's what I'm thinking as of today! Who knows? I might change my mind...
and probably will. Maybe. ;)


Magpie Girl Giveaway!

Vicki over at Magpie Girl is doing an awesome "Made Up with Makeup" giveaway! And I loveeeeeee makeup! Go on over to enter! :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

Triumphs & Blunders of a Kooky Gal GIVEAWAY!

I know I know! Another giveaway! Chelsea over at "Triumphs & Blunders of a Kooky Gal" is doing an awesome giveaway...so go on over and follow the directions to enter before it's too late! One of the requirements is to comment on her giveaway post and tell her 3 things that make you happy. I listed these:

1. Lazy days with my hubby
2. Spending time with my family & friends
3. Kisses from my sweet pekingese Lilly

All of these things make my life so amazing!
Go on! Go enter! :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vanilla Ice Cream: For the Love of Accessories GIVEAWAY

I absolutely LOVE giveaways, although I haven't won any yet...haha. Gizelle over at "Vanilla Ice Cream" is doing a giveaway for some adorable accessories! Go on over to her blog to enter!


Fresh Brownies is doing a GIVEAWAY!

Do you love nail polish? I DO. I don't paint them enough, but if I won this adorable pack of OPI Bright Lights polishes, I would paint them a different color every day! Megara over at Fresh Brownies is doing a giveaway, where you can win them! Go on over and enter to win!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Turquoise Thursday!

First off...you probably noticed that I changed my blog layout up a little bit. "Why?" you might ask? Because I think it needed it. The new layout is more...well, "me." :)

Second, I have decided that I am going to try to theme a couple days of the week, in hopes to inspire me to blog more often. Let's hope it works!

If you know me, you probably know that my favorite color in the world is turquoise. And by favorite, I really do mean FAVORITE! So why not dedicate a day out of the week to this beautiful color? I can't think of a reason why not. :)

Haha this reminds me of what me and Sabina tell each other during work every day. ;)


LOVE this.

This is awesome.

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