Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sips n Strokes!

So...I don't know if any of you have heard of "Sips n Strokes" yet, but if you haven't it's AWESOME! My friend Crystal's birthday is coming up and she decided that she wanted to celebrate at Sips n Strokes! There are several locations, but the one we went to is in Auburn, AL.

They have a calendar on their website of the different paintings offered on different dates, so you know what you will be painting before you get there! There is an instructor who shows you what to do step by step, so it's really easy! Here is the picture of the picture we we painted on Friday night:

I LOVE this painting! I decided that since we are getting ready to build a house that I would tweak the colors a little on my painting to make sure it would match the colors we decided to use in the living room in our house!

The first thing we had to do is put on an apron or smock and get our paint!

Of course I had to take pictures all night haha! Here's Crystal and me, ready to paint! Sorry I cut out your paint brush Crystal! :(

The first thing our instructor showed us how to do is the background, which I thought was going to be difficult, but it was really easy! All we had to do is choose colors to mix and then shade over the top with white! 

 And here's my finished painting! I am so happy with it! At first, I was like "ewwww mine doesn't look anything like the original!" Then I decided that I liked it. :)

 And here is mine and Crystal's paintings together! (mine is on the left)

And lastly, here is my painting compared with the original!

It's not as whimsical as the original, but if you know me, you know that I am all about the bright colors! If you haven't been to Sips n Strokes yet, I highly suggest you go! My mom and I have already planned to go soon! :)

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