Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am SO ready to start building!

Last weekend, my in-laws came to town and we took them to see the lot that we will be building on very soon! It's so weird to see the lot, just a field of green, and picture our house on it. They are supposed to start building on or before April 15th...which is coming up very soon!

So here is us standing on, and in front of our lot:

My dad knows a lady that has the same exact house/floor plan as the one we will be building. So...we went to her house today to look! Here is the outside of her house (exactly what our's will look like, except for color):
When you walk in, you will be standing in the living room, and you will see the breakfast area/kitchen. I love this floor plan because it's so open!
I love the kitchen because it's huge! So much counter and cabinet space...

 I would post pictures of the whole house, but I really don't want to show the inside of this lady's house to the whole world so I won't do that haha. I can't wait to put our spin on everything!



Lady Frankfurt said...

hmmm .. iam a little confused .... you said you love the kitchen because there is so much cabinets and counter space but sweetheart YOU DON'T COOK ... so it would be a waste of space ... naw just playing i agree a woman has to have lots of kitchen space including counter space due to lots of gadgets for the kitchen

Cassie said...

hello there, i found your blog through someone elses and i just wanted to say i love it, it is so cute!! congrats on building your beautiful new home :)

Jenna Allen | The Indecisive Organizer said...

Sabina - Haha! Very true. I don't cook a whole lot, but I still LOVE the huge kitchen! Maybe having a big kitchen will make me want to cook more often! :)

Cassie - Thank you so much! We are so excited! :)

Jayka said...

that sounds so exciting, we are doing just a one room reconstruction and its been crazy, so keep your mind a stress free as you can, and congratulations!

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