Sunday, February 14, 2010

New hair clips!

Hey y'all! Head on over to my "Felt Sew Lovely" blog and check out the two new hair clips I made! Let me know what you think!



Brooke said...

LOVE them!!! I am totally going to try to copy you and make some for myself, then show you some cool places you can post them. I will take over marketing your awesome business.
Oh, and I love your ipod playlist ont he side, really cute and I love TS too. Also, I love your tweets. I am really bad at keeping up with them myself.
Love the pic of you and Ian on the first day you hung out.
Okay, longest comment ever.
have a great day!

Jenna Allen said...

Thank you! I would love that! :) And thank you. I don't tweet enough...I try...but I forget sometimes.

How BLONDE was my hair? Ugh. It was way too blonde for me. Haha.

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