Thursday, February 18, 2010

Was this even a good idea?

2 nights ago, Ian and I decided to try the whole "put a bell on the door handle & teach your dog to ring it when she has to go potty" thing. We tried this when she was really young...and it didn't work, so we thought why not try one more time?
Would you believe that she got it? As in, she rang the bell the very next day.
I couldn't believe it.

Anyway, now I am starting to wonder if it was a good idea. "Why???" you say? Because she rings it ALL THE TIME now. And by all the time, I mean ALL THE TIME, over and over and over again...until I want to scream!

(yes, I spell terd with an "e")

And yes, that's the face she gives me when I hear her ring the bell and go over to see her.

What's bad is that she will ring it, and I feel like I have to take her out because that's how she will learn, but then I take her out and what does she do? NOTHING. Then she comes inside and expects to get a TREAT.

Wait. That's IT! That's what she's doing! She rings the bell, because she knows that when she goes potty, she gets a treat. Hmm...gosh what am I gonna do? 

Ignore her when she hits the bell?
Take her outside EVERY time she hits the bell?



Anonymous said...

That is sooo funny. And cute. But I understand why its annoying =/

Jenna Allen said...

Thank you!'s definitely annoying haha. But oh well. I guess I'll just have to learn to deal with it right? :)

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