Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Always, I Sometimes, I Never...

Hey everyone! Laura @ "The Madness of Mundanity" is doing a giveaway with the help of That Kate...and I thought I would participate! The GIVEAWAY is as follows:

A Lomolito 'disposable' camera (it can actually be used again) in blue for the awesome, cross processed effect,
 A box of Lomo fotoclips so you can make a funky photowall,
An AWESOME Polaroid Brooch from That Kate's Etsy shop,
And a bag of Haribo sweeties!

Did you see the CAMERA part? Y'all know I love photography...and I have actually been wanting a toy camera for some time now! Gosh I would love to win!

So...what I have to do is post my ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, and NEVER!

I extremely indecisive! Most of the time, someone has to make my decisions for me...because I JUST CAN'T DECIDE! But I am also extremely POSITIVE in everything that I do in life. I believe in always being optimistic and smiling! Your smile might be the only joy someone sees in a day!
I a neat freak, and I sometimes couldn't care less! I will do laundry, and dump them on my bedroom floor, and they will lay there until I wear all of them and have to wash clothes again. :)
I NEVER...cook. My poor husband has to eat Ramen noodles, cereal, and tuna fish on a daily basis. Okay I might be exaggerating just a little bit, but for the most part, I seriously don't cook. If we do cook, it is mainly my husband grilling some chicken or something. Sad...I know.



Kate said...

I'm indecisive too! And what's awful is that I ALWAYS have an opinion about everything. But for some reason, I act as if I just can't make the decision. I swear it's a disorder and we BOTH have it!

Jenna Allen said...

Haha it drives me NUTS! And yes, I'm the same way about the opinion thing. And might be a disorder! LOL.

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