Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Smitten :)

:::music begins:::
"Don't You Wish Yo Husband Was Sweet Like Mine? Don't You?"

I know I know...You are probably thinking, "seriously Jenna?" but I just HAD to! Yes, I posted a picture of the card Ian gave me for Valentine's Day today. Why? Because it's probably THE sweetest thing I think I've ever read in my entire life.

Now before you read it, let me preface a few things. Ian has always called me his "sunshine." Always. It's the sweetest thing ever. He sometimes even sings "You are my only sunshine..." to me, just because. :)

You may have to click the picture to make it big enough to actually read.



Oh how I love him! :)



Brooke said...

Super cute. I love it. They have to know how to express the love, which I think yours is good at like mine.
Brandon said he went up to Ian at church and said, "My wife thinks your wife is awesome, so she wants me to be friends with you so we can all hang out". He said Ian looked at him kind of funny but was super nice. Glad we got the awkward moment out of the way :) haha!!!
Seriously we need to have a date (at least a girl date!)!

Jenna Allen said...'s very important, and we are SO lucky to have men that understand it! Haha yeah Ian told me that Brandon said that! That's hilarious! And yes...definitely let's get together soon and have a coffee date or something! It would be fun! :)

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