Thursday, August 4, 2011

::Inspiration Workshop Week 10 - A Day in Your Life::

Gussy's prompt this week is A DAY IN YOUR LIFE!

6:00am - iPhone Wake Up Call
7:30am - Arrive @ Work
12:00pm - Home for Lunch
1:00pm - Back to Work
6:00pm - Get off Work

(except for Wednesdays when we close @ 12:00pm)

I also get one day off per week. (this doesn't make up for the long hours I work, haha) But don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job! I work at a veterinary clinic, and get to be around animals all day. What's not cool about that? :)


So basically I work a lot, and in my free time, I spend time with my sweet husband, my family and my awesome friends, who I love very much! :)


1 comment:

Sarah B. said...

So cool you get to work with animals!! And I'm jealous you get to come home for lunch :) Found you through Gussy!!

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