Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My New Year's Weekend!

This past weekend started off with a lovely ride to Tennessee. The view as we drove up the mountain was gorgeous!
After arriving at our friend's sister and her husband's house, we got ready and drove to downtown Nashville to eat dinner! Of course we had to take a goofy picture on the way...

Downtown Nashville is awesome by the way. :)
After dinner we went to the Wildhorse Saloon...
Then when it was almost midnight, we headed outside to watch the guitar drop!
When the clock struck midnight...there was a firework show and it was beautiful!
After the firework show...we were almost trampled by a million drunk people. Haha. And no, I'm not exaggerating. I believe I almost had a panic attack actually. We literally had to push through people...which was hard, because everyone was trying to go in a different direction! Not to was raining. Great. Haha. But we got out of the crowd eventually!

The next day...we crashed a wedding. Yeah. You heard me right. Our friends had a wedding on New Year's Day to attend, and they brought us with them...and we totally weren't invited! What's even better is...before walking into the ceremony, we went to the bathroom and as I walked out of the stall, the bride's mother goes, "Oh! This is who I need to meet!" Just imagine the look on my face. Of course I played it off great...but I stuttered a little...haha. Later, we find out that the bride's mother thought I was one of our friend's brother's girlfriend, who didn't even attend the wedding! Great times.

The next day, we attended our friend's home church...then went to this amazing restaurant called Chuy's. I loved the colors!
The floor tiles were AWESOME!
The chips and salsa were amazing...and they also had this creamy jalepeno dip that was to die for!
Even my water with lime was good. :)
Ian ordered a sampler and couldn't believe how much food was on his plate when they brought it out! Of course he ended up taking a box home!
I hope everyone had as much fun as we did New Year's weekend! Y'all have a great hump day! :)


Katie said...

Looks like an awesome weekend. The fireworks are gorgeous! And the food pics are making me hungry. :)

Crystal said...

hahaha, Jenna, that's hilarious!! (the part about the bathroom) Someone has thought I was someone they knew before too...and I've went along w/ it once or yea, uh-huh, lol..

p.s...i saw this background on shabby blogs earlier and was in it's funny that i see it on your page now :D

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