Monday, April 18, 2011

1. Skype date.
Saturday night, Ian and I Skyped with our cousin's Ryan and Amanda. I don't video chat a whole lot, but it was really cool, especially since we don't see them a lot because we live too far away. It went well until our Internet decided to act up. :)

2. Yummy in my tummy.
Yesterday after church, Ian and I went out to eat at O' Charley's with my parents and my grandmother. Ian got the "wild west burger" which was so tall, we were wondering how in the world he was going to fit it in his mouth...but as intimidating it seemed, he did it. I had the "black and blue caesar salad" which was unbelievable as well. :)

3. Cutest dog ever.
Lilly and Raven came to work with me Saturday, and I couldn't help but snap this picture of her sitting in my chair up in the front of the office. I sat her up there so I could do some things to get ready to close for the day, and she stayed there, even when I walked away. So cute.

4. Dinner out of town.
When I say out of town, I just mean 30 minutes away, to Opelika to eat at Cock of the Walk, which is an amazing seafood restaurant we like to eat at every once in awhile. They have the best fried pickles. After dinner, we went over to the World Market where Ian decided to put on this kids' hoodie towel. Silly boys.

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ty said...

I've just recently gotten into Skype, and now I'm OBSESSED. For real.

PS, I'm your newest follower!

Elizabeth said...

Loving your blog, Jenna!

Your pictures are now making me want a nice salad! It looks delish!

Newest follower here! :)

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