Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday on Saturday

I kept checking Leigh Ashley's blog Wednesday and never saw the Wee Bit Wednesday I skipped it, but it's on her blog now so I'm still going to play! Haha. Happy Saturday to you all! :)
{one} have you ever fainted?
Nope. I almost did one time though.

{two} what is your favorite casino game?
I don't gamble...but if I did, I would play slots. :)

{three} do you have a good sense of direction?
Haha. If it's in a town where I know where I'm going, yes. Haha.

{four} laptop or desktop?

{five} what is your go-to hair style when having a bad hair day?
I use dry shampoo, and curl it.

{six} do you read the newspaper on a daily basis?

{seven} do you have a favorite celebrity chef?
Um...I don't watch enough to have one. Maybe Paula Dean?

{eight} what tv show would you like to make a guest appearance on?
I would absolutely LOVE to be on the Ellen show!

{nine} do you have satellite radio in your car?

{ten} what was the last movie that made you cry?
Soul Surfer. That movie was awesome!


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