Friday, May 7, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

Today's Fill in the Blank Friday is all about books!
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1.  My favorite book growing up was     "I Love You This Much". It's really the only book that I remember reading as a kid   .

2.  The funniest book I've ever read was     "Skinny Bitch." It is hilarious! If you haven't read it, you need to. I couldn't get through a page without laughing .

3.  The one book that has truly changed my life is      the Bible. I don't read it near as much as I need to, but it has definitely changed my life for the better   .

4.  If you're looking for a real "tear jerker" you should probably read     "The Last Song." It's such a good book, yet so sad at the end    .

5.  If I could meet any author living or dead I would want to meet    Stephanie Meyer, the author of the Twilight Saga. Yes, I am one of those Twilight obsessed people...haha   .

6.  The next book on my "to read" list is      "Eclipse," from the Twilight Saga for the 2nd time. I want to read it again before the movie comes out in June .

7.  If I was snowed into  remote cabin in the woods and could only choose three books to bring with me I'd bring      ...oh dear. I couldn't choose just three! Being so indecisive, I just couldn't do it    .

I guess this is the perfect time to mention that I just finished the book I was currently reading, "The Pact" by Jodi Picoult. It was a great book! Sad story...but good! I would definitely suggest reading it. I am about to start reading another one of her books soon called "The Tenth Circle," so hopefully it will be just as good!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jennifer said...

I am so with you on "Skinny Bitch" and it has actually changed my life and the way I eat and think. I absolutely LOVE the Twilight Saga and have read every book numerous times. I love more though "The Host" that Stephanie Myer wrote and is becoming a movie shortly. There is no way for me to only to choose three books to bring with me. I could never choose.

Anonymous said...

Ian Flemming.........the Bond series, Tom Saywer and Huckaberry Finn..........Mark Twain, 20,000 Leagues beneath the sea........Jules Vern, all of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Auther Connan Doyle. All of Edgar Allen Poe, except for the poems, Moby Dick, a lot of Stephen King until he got too wordy, same with Tom Clancy. My favorite book............."Catch 22"....funny.

Caitlin Howard said...

I've read just about everything by Jodie Picoult. All of her books are really good!!! I'm about to start Eclipse again also. I've got to finish it before the movie comes out June 30. :-)

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