Friday, August 6, 2010

House Building Updates! many of you know, I have been very impatient/frustrated/sad that our house building project has been delayed for so long. For those of you who just now started reading my blog, we thought we were going to close on our house in June in order to get the first time home buyer's tax credit...only to find out that the city was holding us up (because our home is in a new development), and that it would be longer than we thought to get started. So, we missed the tax credit, only to find out later that they extended it through the end of September! (yay!) Our builder said that it will only take him 60 days (wow) to build the house once the foundation is laid. So here's the good news:

If it doesn't rain tonight, they will pour our slab tomorrow morning, and will start building the frame on Monday! How exciting is that?

And even if it does rain, they are still ready to start building, so it won't be long at all! Ian and I are so anxious, and have been driving by our lot every day to see if anything changed from the day before. Here are a few progression pictures from when our lot wasn't even cleared yet, to what it looked like today when we drove by!

Again, I can't even begin to express how excited we are, and how blessed we are to be building a brand new home. If everything goes like it's supposed to, by the end of next week our house will have walls! Crazy huh? As you might have already guessed, I will be going by there every single day and taking a picture so I can document this awesome time in our lives and share it with you!
So stay tuned! :)


Jennifer said...

SO excited for you guys … I know that when we built our house we thought it was going to be a piece of cake too. The building alone took 11 months on our house … but … what do you expect when you have a custom built home that you designed yourself! This time period did not include permits, loans, subcontractors (I was the contractor), or anything. So much frustration! I now have the house of my dreams and am mostly happy with all of the work. I have a few subcontractors who will run from me if they see me but that is ok with me. Just stick to your guns and don’t back down.

Jamie said...

Yay! Congrats! oooh, you should take your picture each day and then make a stop-motion movie! That would be so awesome! You could see it being built in just a few minutes, hehe. Happy weekend to you!

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