Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday on Thursday

{one} do you watch the history channel? if so, what’s your favorite program?
Nope. Not my favorite subject.

{two} what is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Open all the blinds...and sit on the couch. Or take a nap, haha.

{three} what does your dream house look like?
Oh gosh, I love our house now, but I really wish we had a cute little front porch, a bigger master bathroom, and bigger guest rooms.

{four} what state were you born in?

{five} do you have a change jar? if so, what do you use it for when it gets full?

{six} what’s the first website you look at when you get on the computer?
My daily reads! You can see which blogs I read daily up top!

{seven} what is your favorite breakfast?
Fried eggs and grits with bacon pieces in it. Yum.

{eight} what’s the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken?
Our family trip to Hawaii. I didn't want to come home.

{nine} do you prefer your coffee black or with cream/milk/sugar?
I like a little bit of coffee with my creamer. ;)

{ten} have you ever done a professional photo shoot?
Yep. :)
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Sarah said...

What an ADORABLE blog! Absolutely love the colors - can't wait to browse around more! I've never had grits, but grits with bacon in it sounds amazing! And, I love trips that you don't want to come home from - those are always so exciting and fun :D

Han said...

I love the idea of opening the curtains and watching the rain outside. The office I work in has a massive window that runs along one side of the office - I'd love to stop and watch the rain but I think I'd get told off for not doing any work lol.

When ever I see pictures of Hawaii I always want to pack my case and go on holiday lol.

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