Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Housewarming Partayyy!

This past Friday, my sweet friends Kate (& Brett)and Laura (& Jeffery) threw Ian and I a Halloween Housewarming Party. It was so much fun! We ate some of the yummiest food I've had in awhile, had a pumpkin carving contest, some great fellowship, and loads of fun! Here are some pictures from the night.
The pigs in the blankets are called "Mummy Rolls," the green stuff you see is cheese dip, and it was called "Slime," the chips were called "Bat Wings," and the salsa was called "Buhlud." Haha! You have to say it just like that too... :)
The food was UH-mazing!
I don't cook. But...I did actually find a recipe for these "Pizza Puffs" on a blog, of which I cannot remember the name of now. They turned out to be so good!
So good.
Me and my sweet friend Brooke! Love her!
Then, there was some serious pumpkin carving. :)
And here are the finished pumpkins! They all turned out to be so cute! I didn't carve one...but I really enjoyed watching as others carved their's. :)
And here are my sweet girlfriends! Thank you so much to everyone who came! Y'all rock!


Crystal said...

awe :) love it! Haha and I'm so glad I don't look horrific in that pic!

Jenna Allen | The Indecisive Organizer said...

Haha me too! And of course you don't look horrific!

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