Thursday, February 10, 2011


Meet Nibbles, one of Ian's classroom guinea pigs. He bites, hence the name Nibbles.

Ian brought him home for one night, so that I could take him up to work with me the next day to get his nails trimmed.
This was the result of his nail trim by the way...HAHA! We cut one too short. Poor little Nibbles. He's okay though don't worry. :)

He's quite the character, and as cute as he may be, I'm scared of him. Lol. I don't like touching him. He freaks me out. Not to mention, he stinks...BAD.

Lilly wanted to get her paws on him so bad. She was fascinated.
He's a cute little critter...
 I hope everyone has a wonderful day today!



Lindsay said...

oh my god I am dying laughing at that picture of Nibbles writhing in pain! Hilarious! Glad he survived though lol

Katie said...

So cute!! One of my best friends when I was little had a guinea pig. I BEGGED my parents for one but (thank goodness!) they never gave in. They do bite! And scratch. And squeak all the time!

That's a hilarious nail-trimming pic. :)

Amy Rene said...

those are so so so cute pictures!


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