Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Put a Smile on Your Face!

You know, sometimes you have days when people try to bring you down...and if you aren't careful, they will succeed in their intentions. That's when you have to remember that God is good, and regardless of who is trying to bring you down, He's on your side. He loves you. All the time. Know that this is true! And smile, because you never know if someone you run into might be going through something difficult...and your smile might just turn their day around! :)

Oh, and I got Lilly a new dress... :)

  Have an amazing day!


Sarah Kinsey said...

Ah I've had those days a lot here lately! But like you said that's when I have to remember that God is good and He is on my side and He loves me! :) Oh my word, Lillys dress is too cute. Haha!


i-zilla said...

i like you in nerd glasses!

Didee said...

He, he, he.....look at Lilly's sweet, sweet dress!!!! xo

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