Friday, April 23, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

This week's Fill in the Blank Friday is all about music! Don't forget to link up over at Lauren's!

1.  One song that always takes me back to my youth is __"I Want You Back" by 'NSYNC. I attended 3 of their concerts when I was in middle school...yep. I was obsessed .

2.  My first concert ever was     a country concert with 4 artists. I don't remember who all was there, but I know Trace Atkins was one of them .

3.  If I could create my dream music festival I'd want these bands to be there:      Taylor Swift, Hillsong...oh gosh there are too many to name! I love so many different bands .

4.  The best make-out/"boot knocking" song ever is      Haha! Seriously...I don't know  .

5.  The best concert I've ever been to was    I went to a Rascal Flatts concert a few years back and it was unbelievable !

6.  A memorable musical moment for me was        when Ian took me to Atlanta to watch him play for the first time. I was so amazed at how talented he was...and still is of course .

7.  The song on my iPod that's getting the most play these days is      "When I Look at You" by Miley Cyrus. I don't know why, but I have been loving it lately...probably because I loved The Last Song so much  . 

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k. said...

I loved N'Sync too! (Still do.. not gonna lie!)

Thanks for following!

x, K

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