Sunday, April 18, 2010

Six Senses Sunday

I was reading Lauren's blog The Little Things We Do, and saw a post called Six Senses Sunday, an idea she got from Julia, over at The World is My Oyster. Julia actually does a Six Senses Saturday...but it's easier for me to post on Sunday than Saturday, so I think I am going to play along, only late. If you want to play along as well, fill out the Linky below or leave a comment on this post, and make sure to link back to Julia's blog!

Right now I'm...

Yummy Publix Brand mint cookie ice cream. Yeah yeah I know.
But I haven't had ice cream in a really long time so it's okay right?

Absolutely nothing. My sinuses are all messed up right now...
and I can't smell a thing! :(

Everyone in the room is on their laptop. It's this way a lot. 
Dang technology...but I'm not complaining. Haha. 
Ian is eating ice cream too.

The tv. Some kind of wrestling is on, but nobody is watching it. Haha.

The keyboard of course.

Very happy because I had the most relaxing, laid back weekend in a very long time, and blessed because I have the most amazing husband, family, and friends that anyone could ever ask for. :)


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