Sunday, April 25, 2010

Six Senses Sunday

It's time for another Six Senses Sunday! Don't forget to link up over at Julia's!

Right now I'm...

Iced water. Ian and I just got home and were both so thirsty!

The yummy coffee that I am waiting on to finish brewing! I'm exhausted but I just put a load in the washer so I have to stay up to put them in the dryer.

The Atlanta Braves on the tv. I'm not watching it...Ian is. I don't watch sports on tv...haha. In fact, I could care less!

The coffee pot is making a weird noise. It kind of sounds like my stomach when I'm really hungry. Haha. Oh, and I also hear the washing machine because I just put a load in.

The cords in my computer bag trying to find my usb cable to my camera to upload some pictures I took of the band tonight. Found it!

Exhausted. I didn't get my Sunday nap today. While Ian took a nap, my mom and I started packing up stuff in the living room of our apartment since we have to be out by May 31st. Wow. That's going to sneak up on us! I need to get some more boxes!

(source for balloon header picture)

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