Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Heart Cherry Blossoms!'s time for everybody to laugh at me.
You'll know why in a minute. 

I have always loved cherry blossoms. Always. I have seen more pictures of them than I have seen in person...and I have always thought that since they are called Chinese Cherry Blossoms, that they were in China. I KNOW I know...go ahead, laugh. HAHA.

Well, come to find out, my parents have one in their front yard, and I never paid it any attention! It's gorgeous. Words cannot explain how I feel about this tree. Haha. I know I'm weird. I will definitely be planting a few of these in our front and back yard when we finally move into our house! 

Oh and by the way...Happy Easter! :) 
Here are a few pictures I took...but let me warn you. I took quite a few! Enjoy!

And here's me and my amazing hubby! I guess this is our Easter picture...hehe.
Oh how I love him! :)



Butterflygirlms said...

Hope you had a great Easter! Lovely photos of the cherry blossoms...we just planted a cherry blossom tree in our yard! Can't wait til it looks like that one :)

D and A said...

Hey! Found you through six degrees of blogging. Your are featured on my blog! Hope you will come by and check out what I posted!

Jenna Allen | The Indecisive Organizer said...

Thanks so much! They are gorgeous. And my Easter was amazing!

Tillie said...

Its turning to autumn here on this side of the world. All these spring posts make me wish it was spring. Oh hurry up winterrrrr!

Jenna Allen | The Indecisive Organizer said...

Ahh Tillie I wish it was cooler here than it is right now! Haha. I am so hot natured and I don't want the summer to get here! I like the way it feels right now, but I like cool weather better. :)

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