Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

Hey guys! Today, I thought I would start a themed post called Wish List Wednesday. I think I've seen some other bloggers do it...but I can't remember who! This post is dedicated to the things currently on my wish list! I will list 3 items each Wednesday.

If you want to play three things on your wish list, and fill out the linky below! 

I am wishing for...

#3 - A Sewing Machine!
I want to make more stuff! Haha. As you guys know...or maybe do not know...I have a hobby of making things out of felt, of which I hand-stitch. Yes it's pretty, but after hand HURTS! I also want a sewing machine because I want to make my own curtains and pillows for our new house!

#2 - A New Lens for My Camera!
The camera I use (other than my iPhone...hehe) is a Nikon D5000. I LOVE it. It's my baby. I purchased it as a graduation gift to myself in May of 2009 with ALL of my graduation money. Yep...all of it. Of couse it just had come out when I bought it so it was a lot more expensive then, than it is right now. Right now, I only have a 18-55mm lens...but I would love to have a 55-200mm soon...and very soon. :)

And the thing I am wishing for the most...

#1 - The Construction on Our New House to Begin!
I don't have to elaborate much on this one because I have ranted and raved about this in just about every "House Building Updates" post. I am soooo ready to get started! We are still praying for the city to give us the go!

Well...there they are...the three things on my wish list as of today!
I hope you guys have a blessed rest of the day!

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