Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Attacked by a Cat...Yep. are probably wondering about the title of this post.
Well, I will tell a minute of course. :)

This has been a pretty eventful week...but even with all the busyness I was still able to enjoy a yummy strawberry shortcake with the hubby the other night.
Doesn't it look de-licious?!
Ian and I were sitting on the couch after a long day, and he says,
"I'll be right back."
I'm like "where are you going?"
Then he says, "I'm going to get some stuff to make strawberry shortcakes."
Wow. Haha. Then later I discover that he updated his twitter status to say this:

@iallen - Strawberry shortcake craving. Must satisfy.

Haha. Oh how I love him.

On Monday, a couple of us at work decided that since Amanda's birthday is Friday, we would get her a cake since she would be off on her actual birthday. How CUTE is this little cake?
Krista picked it out, and it couldn't have been more perfect...except for the fact that Amanda brought cookies back after lunch. Needless to say, we all ate way too many sweets that day.
Now if you remember, Amanda is the one that doesn't like pictures taken of her at all...but guess what?! I was actually able to get her to SMILE for a picture! Yay!
Happy birthday Manderrrrrr! :)


Now...for the really interesting part of today's post:

I love my job...really, I do. I promise.
I love animals. For the most part anyway.
I'm not really that fond of cats.
Actually, I don't like them at all really.

Well, yesterday...we had to give a cat a bath. Cats don't like water, but we have had a handful of cats come in for baths that really could care less...and I think I have witnessed the cleansing of all of those cats. This cat was different. It was really a sweet cat, but we saw the evilness of this cat expose itself very quickly when we put this cat in the tub.

Krista had a leash around the cats neck, then she picked the cat up to place it in the tub, and within a split second, the cat came lunging back out of the tub, and onto Krista's arm. At this point, I wasn't really sure what I should do, because I didn't want to pull on the cat and make the situation any worse than what it had become already. Then she starts screaming, "It's ripping me, it's ripping me!" All that went through my mind is :::I have GOT to get this cat off of her::: . So I reached in and grabbed the cat by its scruff and yanked it off her arm and she ran out. I threw the cat in the tub and stepped back, not realizing that I was gripping my hand very tightly, then looked down to realize that the cat had gotten me too.

Krista walked back in, and held her arm out to show us that one of the cat's nails were STILL IN HER ARM! Yes, the entire nail of the cat had been embedded in Krista's arm. I think we were all in shock...even after we had put the crazy devil cat back into its kennel, we were in shock. We immediately started doctoring ourselves with alcohol and peroxide. Here is my hand:
This was after it happened, and after I was able to stop the bleeding. I look like I cut myself...SO embarrassing. The cut on my wrist isn't as deep as the one on the side of my thumb. The one on my thumb is so deep, and today, a day later, my entire wrist...up to my thumb is one big bruise, and it hurts to bend my thumb. Here is the front of Krista's arm:
I feel so bad for her. She has puncture wounds and scratches all up her arm. Her's took longer to stop bleeding than mine did, and obviously, as you can see, her's is a lot worse than mine too. I can't imagine what her's might fee like today. Here is the back of her arm:
OUCH! Both of us are taking antibiotics and cleaning our wounds daily. Haha. You might ask why I am laughing. It wasn't funny at the time, but looking back on it, and how crazy that dang cat was...we somewhat giggle about it now, especially after our crazy day yesterday.

Yep, yesterday was insane at work. Here are a few reasons why peroxide has become my best friend:

Peroxide, I you because:

I got pooped on yesterday, and you took the stain & smell out completely, even if I did look like I peed on myself for a while.
I squirted soy sauce all over my scrub pants at lunch.
I got attacked by a cat and you cleaned my wounds.

Yep. I love peroxide. It's the best stain remover ever.

If you all have been wondering about our house that we are in the process of building, we went by there today and there were dozers out there! On our lot! It made us so happy to see them. We are hoping now to be in our 1st house together by the end of August. Stay tuned for updates. :)

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


Katie said...

First, let me say that cake looks fantastic! But, HOLY COW!! What a crazy cat! This is why I hate cats. Dogs will almost never leave a claw behind in your arm. Ouch!

Anonymous said...

This is the easy method of giving a cat a bath. Go into the bathroom and squirt a lot of the shampoo into the toilet bowl. Grab the cat and throw him into it in one quick motion and slam the lid and then sit on it.

The 1st 5 minutes while they are thrashing around is the wash cycle. Then flush about 5 times...pausing 30 seconds between each flush. This is for thorough rinsing.

Stand out of the way and lift the lid. A thorough wash and no injuries...other than your cat's mental state that is. Future washes will require you to put them in a bag first because they will never go near your bathroom again.

Drying is optional and not advised for obvious reasons.

Please do not tell anyone if you use this easy wash method as the PETA people will be knocking on your door and protesting on your

Jenna Allen | The Indecisive Organizer said...

I know right Katie?! It really was crazy. And that's so true about dogs. Love them.

Anonymous - I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time. Haha!

Jennifer said...

I will have to say that I totally understand about crazy cats! I’ve had 2. My 1st would jump on your face grabbing the front of your face with her claws and then bite the top of your head. These attacks were never provoked she simply did them when she felt like. My second crazy cat was too fat to bath himself so I had to give him baths I could soap him up in the sink but when it came time to rinse him it wasn’t happening so I would have to get in the shower with him. He would claw up my back, arms; you name it so bad it looked like I had been tortured. Even though they were both crazy I still loved them to death and had the most fun enjoying their company.

Uncle Chip said...

That anonymous guy seems like a very wise man. He must have owned cats in the past.

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