Saturday, June 12, 2010

Date Day in the Mountains! Well...Kinda.

The charming Mr. Allen took me on a little date day to Pine Mountain this past Thursday, and it was quite fun I might add. :)
We went to the cutest little shops...
took lots of flower pictures...
and just had a plain ole' blast together.

I love driving through (or riding so I can take pictures) the windy roads on a mountain. There are nothing but trees, and nature...and it's so beautiful!

When we got to Pine Mountain we stopped and took some pictures of the gorgeous view.
(click pictures to view larger)

After visiting the country store and snacking on a couple of delicious sugar free chocolate turtles, we headed to Warm Springs to explore the tiny shops. On the way...we saw some horses.

In Warm Springs, we were greeted by this wonderful sign:

We then walked through an area which had tons of shops, but none of them were open. It was somewhat creepy...because there were life size toys and old school memorabilia everywhere...and every few minutes, we would hear woody woodpecker...somewhere.

The place really was sort of "fun house" esque.
But there were literally no other people there besides us.

Yep. That's a horse. In a tree.

Ian talking on his iPhone in the telephone booth. :)
Tiny bench...

There were so many different flowers...and I had to get pictures of all of them!
Aren't they gorgeous?

After the "fun house," haha...we ate at this tiny little restaurant, where I had an amazing salad, and Ian had the best barbecue pork sandwich he says he's ever had!

Omgoodness that's a lot of pictures! But wait...I have to tell you about these before I go!
Don't these look scrumptious?!?
Yes...they do, except...THEY ARE DISGUSTING.
"Why?" You might ask. Because they are for dogs. Yep. I definitely tried one. Ugh.
They are doggie cupcakes!
We got them in an adorable doggie boutique in Warm Springs.
It was the cutest little store! They even had little bikinis for your dog. Ha.
Anyway...I hope you all had a great week, and have a great weekend as well! Toodles! :)


Emma Jade said...

these pictures are gorgeous! my favourite is the tree lined road. Looks like a FAB date!

Jenna Allen | The Indecisive Organizer said...

Thanks so much Emma! We had a blast...and yep, it was a fab date! :)

i-zilla said...

sounds like an amazing day date! lol i was totally drooling over those cupcakes until you said they were for dogs.

lol i would have probably still tried to eat it anyway?

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