Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun Day Friday!

Yesterday was Friday.
I love Fridays at work...even if they are busy sometimes!
This past co-workers and I could not decide whether to have a pot luck lunch or go eat at a Mexican restaurant that was supposed to be opening down the street. Come to find out, the Mexican restaurant still hadn't opened as of Friday morning...but since we were all still craving Mexican we decided to go pick some up from the restaurant's other location!
El Vaquero!

If you know me at all, you know that I am obsessed with Mexican food. I could literally eat it once a day, every day if I had to. (I have probably said this in a recent post...haha)
As we arrived at our destination...Krista proceeded to exit the car and do somewhat of a Vanna White pose in front of the sign. :)

She makes me laugh. :)
On the way back...I had to whip out my camera (as I always do) and take some pictures. (I believe we were at lights when I took these)

Amanda absolutely HATES it when people take pictures of her. If you are ever actually able to snap a picture of her and she isn't covering her face, you are quite the photographer. Thank you...thank you very much. Haha.

Like I said. :)

The all of its yumminess, waiting to be devoured.

My chicken enchiladas. Such a nutritious meal. Ha.

 And what's Mexican food without cheese dip right?

I could drink it. Just kidding. But maybe I could! ;)

The lovely Krista...eating her cheeeps!


I thought I'd try one...more...time.
Yay! A smile!

I hope your Friday was as fun as our's! :)

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