Tuesday, June 1, 2010

(I know this is late)

I sushi!
Saturday evening...Ian and I went to a Japanese restaurant in our area called Fuji and had some of the most amazing sushi I have had in awhile! I always want to try something different...but usually end up getting the same things, but Saturday...I decided to venture out! I ordered a Philly roll (which I normally get) and then we ordered something else, of which I cannot remember the name. It was delicious!
What are your favorite types of sushi?

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chelsea rebecca said...

i love sushi!and i haven't had in SO LONG! so now of course i'm craving it like crazy! haha. but my favorite is sweet potato! its so different but seriously so insanely delicious!

EVA said...

I do love some good sushi. You're making me hungryyy


Jenna Allen | The Indecisive Organizer said...

Chelsea - Sweet potato sushi??? I've never heard of it! It sounds amazing though! :)

Eva - I know I made myself hungry again while I was typing it haha. :)

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