Sunday, June 20, 2010

I've got some catching up to do...or maybe it's just that I have a lot to say in this post!
First of all, I would like to say Happy Father's Day to my amazing dad. I am so blessed to have him as my father, and I made sure he knew that today. Love you daddy! :)


Second of all, I am going to do MannLand5's Getting to Know You questions! Don't forget to link up over at Keely's!

1. While at the beach, pool, etc..Do you cover up your assets or show them off?
I usually wear a bikini, but I would rather cover up most of the time. I don't like being half naked around people. Sadly, my self esteem isn't very high. Haha.
2. Road trips or Plane trips?
Road trips. I haven't been on a plane in awhile. I don't have a problem with flying, but I would just rather be in a car. 
3. I can't stand it when...?
People are so nice to you to your face, and then you find out who they really are. I wish everyone could just get along and all live happily ever after. Haha.

4. Have you ever gone topless at the beach?
Heck no! Are you serious? Like I said, I would much rather not be half naked anywhere.
5. How many blog carnivals do you do a week?
What is a blog carnival?
6. My favorite thing about the weekend is...?
Doing nothing. It's nice after working all week to just sit back and relax.
7. Pancakes or waffles?
Absolutely both. I haven't had either one in a very long time...and I try to stay away from them because they are my weakness!
8. Water Park or Amusement Park?
Amusement park! I love roller coasters, and hate getting in a bathing suit.


Now, it's time for Six Senses Sunday! Don't forget to link up at Julia's!

Today I'm...

Leftovers of the delicious strawberries I just ate for dessert after a yummy Father's Day Lupper. (Lunch/Supper...haha)

Not much of anything today because I'm kind of stuffy!

The family is getting ready to watch a movie. I think it's called District 9?

The washing machine. It's very loud.

My iPhone. I'm trying to figure out which pictures from my Hipstamatic I want to import.

Like this weekend wasn't long enough...but very thankful for my daddy! :)


Last but not least, we went to an Atlanta Braves game yesterday with Ian's parents as a Father's Day gift to his dad! It was a lot of fun, thanks to one of my mom's friends Mrs. Darlene, who got us some UH-mazing tickets for some great seats! We sat about 18 rows up from the Braves' dugout.
Usually when I go to a big game...we always end up losing, but last night the Braves won, which was awesome!
We picked up sandwiches from Quizznos before the game and took them in so we didn't have to pay a million dollars to eat. (Did you know you could do that?)
And here are Ian's parents! Aren't they cute? Love you mom and dad!
Needless to say, we had a great time!

I hope all of you have enjoyed your weekend! Much love!

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