Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday is back! And yes...I know I'm a day late. :)

1.  My dream vacation would be       a trip to Hawaii. I've been once before and I remember thinking..."I never want to go home ."

2.  The best trip I've ever taken was      to Hawaii of course .

3.  The most important items to take on a road trip are       good music, snacks,  sunglasses, and your favorite person   .

4.  The next trip I'm looking forward to is       a Sandals vacation we are planning to go on next summer with a couple of our friends. We didn't do anything extravagant for our honeymoon so I'm really looking forward to it  .

5.  If I had to pick one CD to listen to for a long road trip it would be     a mix cd of alot of different things. I love so many different types of music  .

6.  The biggest disaster I've ever encountered while traveling  was      when I was young. We were driving from Texas (where I was born) to Alabama in a big van, and the wheel came off. Yep. Completely.   .

7.  My favorite traveling memory is      when my family and I used to travel to Destin, FL every summer and stay in the same condo. It really felt like home because we went so much      .

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